Islamabad - Speakers at a seminar titled ‘Pak-Afghan Cooperation against Terrorism and for Reconciliation and Peace’ yesterday condemned recent hike in cross-border terrorism and urged the governments of Pakistan and Afghanistan to pool all their resources with absolute resolution to jointly fight terrorism.

The seminar organized by SAFMA was addressed by MNA Shireen Mazari, Senator Farhatullah Babar, Afrasiab Khattak (ANP), Mir Hasil Khan Bizenjo (National Party) and senior journalists.

The panellists emphasised the need for effective manning and coordination of Pak-Afghan border to combat cross-border terrorism. The participants approved the following resolution, condemning attacks on Bacha Khan University, Tolo television journalists, Jalalabad, Mazar-i-Sharif and numerous other places and called for coordinated operations without any exception against all those who indulge in terrorism, kill innocent people and disturb peace.

Any terrorist attack taking place from across the border in the other country should be taken as an attack against the country of origin- be it Pakistan or Afghanistan. Both countries must not let their territory be used against the other country and take all possible measures to prevent it in coordination with one another and strengthen bilateral security mechanisms.

Quadrilateral Forum of China, US, Pakistan and Afghanistan must ensure peace in Afghanistan by ensuring its security and help reconciliation process be strengthened by engaging the militants who are willing to take the road of peace through negotiations.

Both the Afghan government and the Taliban must agree to a ceasefire through mutual accommodation and a sense of purpose for a peaceful, diverse, pluralist and democratic Afghanistan and initiate and continue their dialogue in an uninterruptible manner.

Pakistan and Afghanistan are both suffering from terrorism and the stability in the two countries is intertwined. Therefore, instead of indulging in blame game, they must join hands at all levels to manage their border, fight together against those terrorists who cross to the other country to carry out heinous crimes. Pakistan must not let its territory be used by any terrorist group against Afghanistan, so should Afghanistan not let any terrorism and subversion originate from its territory, either by any terrorist group or third country.