MUZAFFARABAD:  Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has said Pakistan wants peace in the region and does not want confrontation with India  reiterating Kashmir issue be sorted out through dialogue.

“ It is not possible that one part of the region should be prosperous and the other part in trouble. Kashmir is part of South Asia. Its peaceful solution is indispensable. History is once again calling leadership of Pakistan and India. We want peace in the region. We are prepared to do each and every thing to this effect. We don’t want confrontation with India. Kashmir issue be resolved through talks, he said this while addressing the joint sitting of the AJK Assembly and Kashmir Council in Muzaffarabad on Friday.

Betterment of the loss incurring entities is our duty and people have given us mandate on this count, he underlined. We will not bow our heads before illegal strikes. Certain elements don’t want betterment of PIA and are creating chaos and mayhem through strikes. We will not compromise on national interest and principles. We will face the challenges with full force. Certain elements are doing politics for serving self interest, he remarked.

He said “ we want betterment in PIA but some elements are not allowing us to work. They don’t want that its deficit is scaled down and PIA becomes one of the best airlines of the world. Some political parties are siding with them for the sake of their political gains. This is wrong. PIA employees should work for the betterment of country and they should not indulge in politicking .

It will be our endeavors that we cleanse the country from terrorism. We held talks with terrorists but when these all things did not bear fruit then we decided to conduct operation in national interest, he held. Had we not done so then the problems of the coming generations would have been compounded, he added.  

He  said prosperity and development in South Asia would remain a dream unless core issues are solved peacefully.

The Prime Minister expressed the hope that comprehensive bilateral dialogue process between Pakistan and India would move forward in days to come.

Nawaz Sharif said Pakistan is ready to cooperate with India on every matter, including terrorism.

He said Pakistan wants peace in the entire South Asia of which Kashmir is an important region.

Welcoming Nawaz Sharif, Speaker AJK Assembly Ghulam Sadiq said the visit of Prime Minister of Pakistan to express solidarity with the people of Kashmir will further strengthen our struggle against Indian occupation.

Speaking on the occasion, AJK Prime Minister lauded the Pakistan Prime Minister for taking a clear stance on Kashmir in the United Nations.

Announcing assistance  of Rs 250 million for development of AJK he said this assistance would be provided to AJK government.

In his speech, leader of the opposition Raja Farooq Haider said Pakistan is a source of strength and hopes for Kashmiris in their just struggle for freedom from Indian occupation.

Earlier, AJK President Sardar Yaqoob, Prime Minister Chaudhry Abdul Majeed, and senior leaders of Pakistan Muslim League-N received the prime minister.