The year 2017 has approached us with the general lesson of how nothing is long lasting in this world. When the first sun of New Year appeared above the horizon and threw its rays onto the ground, we should have set our healthy thoughts and new visions. If someone complies with the above suggestion, he would have a chance to succeed in his life. Eventually, he can exploit new avenues of chances and hopes towards the attainment of prosperity and progress for this world in general and his country in particular. 

No doubt, we had to penetrate into a vicious cycle of horrendous experiences and feelings in the previous year. Some may have lost their loved ones, some might have faced acute loss in business and professional life as well. Moreover, everyone has a litany of worries that they faced in the span of the previous year. The year 2017 pleads that we should, as human beings, set aside our differences and lead ourselves towards the attainment of spiritual peace. Lastly, we should invest some time for the modification of our own conduct and character to improve ourselves for the betterment of our lives. 


Karachi, January 5.