According to the recent report published in the media, the use of drugs by teenage students in universities is an alarming situation. Regardless of whether drug abuse is a sin, crime or disorder, its harms are very evident. Patients suffering from poor health outcomes; high risk of non-fatal and fatal over doses; and greater chance of premature death. Society faces reduced productivity, leading to escalating crimes and violence. According to a recent report by UN officer on Drugs and Crime and International Alert, Afghanistan is among the top three opium producing countries and 43% of this trade passes though Pakistan. In addition to controlling supply, Pakistan must focus on reducing demand. It is estimated that one among every twenty Pakistanis between the ages of 15 to 64 is dependent on drugs. Pakistan should have a drug policy and educational institutions should be particularly given special attention regarding this that drugs should not be transported to educational institutions from any source.


Islamabad, February 4.