The dawn of 28 September in AJK was as cheerful as ever and was the one that found no mourning to lament over. But the hue and cry from across the LOC changed the dawn into a sunny day to see things more clearly. Surgical Strikes a melody India composed and played on LOC in quiet of night. The melodic impact lulled Indian soldiers to a sweet sleep where dreams went functioning till the whole day of 29 Sep and Indian soldiers could not discriminate between dark and light. The whole India improvised the melody by beating drums aloud and went out of tune with one single note Surgical Strikes, Surgical Strikes. People from all over Pakistan raised their eyebrows.

What surgical strikes and where? They questioned. On LOC. We did just at night. India answered. Have you seen a dream? Pakistan asked. Why dream. It is a reality. Our army tells. We are not an ordinary nation and are a mature democracy also where such follies find no room. Indian media boasted not answered. Pakistan persisted in seeking a solid, logical answer from India and the stubborn India persisted in validity of the invalid.

I was puzzling over the issue when an illiterate woman from our

neighbours came and said she was not feeling well for the last few weeks. “Yesterday I went to doctor and the ultrasound shows that I carry a pocket of pus in right of my abdomen. I have come to ask about some surgeon I should see to get operated.” I told her about a competent surgeon who was on leave. When he will come back? The woman asked. I don't know because he is ill. What! Doctors also fall ill? Why? Are they not humans? Then who sees the patients? They go on leave when they are ill which means not that they quit their profession. I explained.

The woman went and I switched on TV where a news channel highlighted that Indian rupee decreases by 50 paisa against dollar and Indian stock market drops by 572 points. What way the surgeon went? Didn't he know how to strike the infectious part? Did he depend more on his assistants and the patient fell victim to the brains there with no expertise? The surgeon might himself have fallen ill. Another question hit me. If so he should have been there on leave. Why he did not feel that an abortive attempt will cause him a loss that can't be compensated. His graph will come down and he will lose number of patients visiting him. Why didn't he feel that he will have tables turned on him. I think it is the surgeon himself who has fallen ill that is why the problem erupted. They say that the surgeon suffers gluttony and wants to have, to hoard more and more.  He rather wants to snatch the morsel from their mouth. Having crawled across the surgeon's body the infection reaches his spirit and destroys functioning of major organ called ethics. Otherwise India could not exhibit such a drastic decline in moral standards and lies on and on with no moral courage at all. As a surgeon cannot operate his own body so he has to depend on his fellow

surgeons. Same happened with this surgeon of India. The fellow surgeons following his instructions cut him open and could neither remove nor replace any part there with infection rather left him in agony. The origin to the disease recognizes no surgical spirit of tall claims made by Indian media. The false being heralded by India set Indian economy on vibration within hours and a shivering India gibbers thus loses solid grounds of reasoning.

Actually one misses a conscious state of mind for a while when gets up from a sound sleep. I think Indian soldiers under melodic impact are missing the conscious state of their mind and can't know that the dream remained a dream and could not come true. What Way The Surgeon Went?