My friend Agha Saleh is a migrant. No, not one of those who took a leaky old bucket from Benghazi to Italy, across the Mediterranean, with at least 11 Pakistanis drowning among 90 migrants. Those 11 might well have started their journey on a launch from the Makran Coast across the Gulf, a route along which Rao Anwar, the encounter specialist, probably followed.

No, Saleh is a more orthodox migrant, who went to the USA over 20 years ago, who made a life for himself there after qualifying here has a chemical engineer. He was involved in politics here, and went up against Jehangir Badar in 1990, making him a PPP dissident even before the PPP(SB). In New York, he turned the 37th Road in Jackson Heights into a sort of Hyde Park called ‘Diversity Plaza.’ He comes back to his hometown every so often, and this time he addressed the Lahore High Court Bar Association.

Saleh is special for me, as I got to know him even before he went to the USA, when I too was starting out as a newspaperman. Not only were we young, but it was a different country. There wasn’t the need to deny that one was a militant, something so essential now. Nor were there any fears about Internet porn. As a matter of fact, though it had been invented, the Internet was not particularly important then. Saleh was a chemical engineer, not an electrical, as was the Jhang distributor of kiddie porn, whom the FIA arrested after a tipoff from Canada.

The FIA has made an investigation and not found any Pakistani children’s images on the ‘dark web’. It couldn’t have helped, not having a suspect to beat until he confessed, an interrogation method FIA personnel carry over from their initial training in provincial police forces.

Rather than the Zainab case, the police prefers to deal with events like the firing at the Lahore sessions court, in which Kala Gujjar was killed by Budda Gujjar. A policeman was also killed, but the killer had revenged himself on his father’s killer.

Obviously, he didn’t trust the court to deal with his father’s killer. Now that is a world the police finds familiar: where people kill over an old enmity, where the best investigation is one where the victim’s family names a suspect, and one beats that suspect until he confesses.

In this world, there is no place for kiddie porn, and even the Aasma Rani case is dubious. Aasma Rani was a medical student who was gunned down on a visit home by Mujahidullah Afridi, who was upset because she had refused to marry him. Her and her family’s reason– he was already married– doesn’t seem to have counted. And then there was Sumbul Khan, the stage performer, who was gunned down in Mardan, because she had refused to perform at the killer’s private event.

Agha Saleh doesn’t go around killing women, he just makes speeches to high courts, or making speeches to media conferences, like the one he recently attended in Karachi on ‘Building Bridges of Peace and Justice’.

True, Karachi is perhaps more noted for Rao Anwar, and then for the murder of Mir Hazar Khan Bijarani and his wife there. Mir Hazar Khan was the Sindh Senior Minister, and his family insists that he didn’t commit suicide after offing his wife. I would tend to agree. It takes a lot of guts to off one’s wife, even if she’s a second wife. Mir Hazar Khan had been a federal minister in the first Nawaz government, but went to the Shaheed Bhutto group, and then to the PPP. He wasn’t an advertisement for being Senior Minister, being the second to die violently, the first being Bashir Bilour, who was Senior Minister of the then NWFP when he died in a bomb blast.

Well, the blame for Mir Hazar Khan’s death should be placed on a militant. That would be a logical way out for the PPP, which has been very restrained about the KP incidents, as well as the Kasur incident, which they have not blamed on militants. We’ve got people like Agha Saleh trying to build bridges, but with whom? Not Donald Trump, whose supporters covered themselves in glory by asking an Arizona state representative, Eric Descheenie, if he was legal. Descheenie doesn’t look Caucasian, and is dark. But he’s not Hispanic, or from one of those countries Trump calls ‘Shithole’, he’s Navajo, and thus his ancestors had been in the USA long before Trump’s grandparents came over from Germany. Before asking Rep Descheenie stupid questions, one Arizonan in Phoenix took revenge for 9/11 back then by killing a Sikh. Did he look legal? Well, he looked Muslim.

Well, Trump follower Harvey Weinstein is still unrepentant about his actions, still denying the original allegations by Rose McGowan, saying that it was consensual. It’s a little like the allegation against Wikileaks founder Julian Assange, who was wanted by the Swedish police on a rape charge. Now Tariq Ramadan, the Oxford professor of Islamic Studies, has been arrested by the French police for assaulting a woman who says she had gone to his hotel to consult him about her decision to stop wearing the veil. And then there was the Goanese motorcycle taxi driver accused of assaulting an American tourist. In that case, I can’t quite guess at the reason for a grand international CIA-Mossad conspiracy as there is bound to be in Tariq Ramadan’s case.

Today is also supposed to be Kashmir Solidarity Day. Schoolchildren are chuffed at the resulting long weekend. Schoolboys see it was another long weekend. Just ask the Kashmiris how they feel. Ask Agha Saleh.