LODHRAN - The gap between public and police is widening with each passing day, admitted the Lodhran district police officer.

He urged the front desk staff to improve their performance and service delivery for the solution to the public issues.

DPO Ameer Taimoor Khan expressed these remarks during a meeting with the staff of Front Desk and Muharrars. He said that if Muharrars deployed in police stations could listen to the people who come in distress, their half of the problems got solved. He added that all the officials coordinate with each other for the rectification of the public issues and discharge their duties as if assigned by Almighty to help the mankind.

He asked, during a meeting, the guard In charges deployed on security duty to observe their duties vigilantly. Supervising the monthly performance, he said that elimination of crime and protection of public were the identities of police.

In the meeting, the performance of all the police was reviewed and he issued the orders to speed up crackdown on wanted criminals. He said that wanted criminals especially criminals of category A be arrested immediately and for the purpose teams be constituted under the supervision of station house officers.

The DPO said that accessing the crime scene is very crucial to trace and arrest the accused.

During another meeting, he asked traffic staff to behave properly with public and improve their attitude towards the people.