Education is third eye of human being; it is most important for humanity; it is shape of human in this world. 

In countries where there is quality education, development is happening day by day. And, the world is influenced by such countries. But in Pakistan, the state has been completely failed to provide quality education. 

Many government schools exist on paper only. School buildings, mostly in rural areas, have been converted to drawing rooms for local landowners or cattle sheds. Meanwhile, the children are forced to study under trees or out in the open. Along with this, clean drinking water has been always a big issue for public schools. 

It is a well established fact that education is the answer to many of the problems of the country. But Pakistan has one of the lowest literacy rates in the world. The poor people are unable to send their children to get better education, because of poverty. Instead of sending the children to school, they send their children on labour work. 

After completion of degrees, the students are in the search of jobs where they want to utilize their skills. After applying at a lot of places, they do not get any response, because those jobs are sold on the base of recommendations, bribery or sources. 

After being depressed from that condition, students calmly sit at their homes and they do not ready to apply at other places again. This ultimately results in them going to depression due to unemployment. 

The government should must pay attention on the education sector and take revolutionary steps to improve it. The backward areas education sector needs to be brought up to modern educational standards. This is the need of the country. 


Hyderabad, January 16.