Islamabad-To keep the parents up to date about performance of the college, a meeting of college management committee was held at Islamabad Model College for Boys, H-9 Islamabad.

It was a great interaction between the parents and the teachers for development of the students where they talked about the areas of improvements, a statement said.

Prof Qasim Masood, principal of the college, said that the establishment of CMC was a revolutionary step for parents, teachers and students. The college has run initiatives to create awareness of CMC amongst the parents and teachers.

The college administration is striving to improve student learning within the college, he added. Parental involvement is a key to students’ success, he said. Shahid Mehmood, press secretary of the college teachers, outlined some of the objectives of CMC, including improvement in the students’ learning atmosphere. He said that CMC was a forum through which parents could work together for the best possible education for their sons. 

The meeting came to an end with the conclusion that the performance of the students depend on the efforts of both the parents and teachers.