From 2012 to 2017, the Government of Punjab introduced and implemented several significant measures to counter gender-based discrimination, violence against women, and to promote economic and social empowerment of women. Positive steps have also been taken to encourage and promote women’s participation in the political process and the workforce while education has remained a key priority for the Government of Punjab.

As the government of Pakistan has put a lot of effort and money in empowering women, Pakistan is still considered in the top list of gender-based discrimination index. I feel that the gender based violence and discrimination is fully embedded in the socialization of the females in our society. Females are unable to understand discrimination against them. Discrimination is inherent in the cultural norms of Pakistani society and some religious facets also support this.

The most common phrase that is used on every next social media page is #RespectWomen. Discrimination, gender-based violence against women cannot end until women take steps against it. Education is the tool that can bring change in the society and educated women are essential to end the gender based violence and discrimination against women.


Gujrat, January 19.