MIRPUR (AJK)-All is set in Azad Jammu & Kashmir to observe Kashmir Solidarity Day on Tuesday - (today) - to reiterate solidarity with the people of entire Indian held Jammu and Kashmir coupled with renewal of the pledge to continue extending fullest moral, political and diplomatic support for the Kashmiris legitimate right to self-determination, being denied by India for the last 72 years at the might of her occupied military forces.

India is holding a major part of the internationally-acknowledged disputed Himalayan Jammu Kashmir state in her unlawful and forced occupation since October 27, 1947 against the aspirations of the people of the state.

In AJK, arrangements have been designed to observe the day with traditional zeal and fervour and renew the Kashmiris firm resolve to continue their just and principled struggle for the achievement of their birth right to self-determination through getting the motherland liberated from the Indian yoke to reach to their ultimate destination - Pakistan.

Mirpur and adjoining Jhelum District authorities have given final touches to colourful program to be held at Mangla Bridge, gateway to this part of Jammu & Kashmir state, where a human chain by the people of Pakistan and AJK will be the main feature of the day.

People and the government of Pakistan and Azad Jammu & Kashmir observe the Kashmir solidarity day every year not only to renew their deep-rooted love and affection with the people of occupied Jammu & Kashmir but also to reiterate their commitment and dedication to the liberation of the motherland from the Indian manacles.

The day will dawn with special prayers for the martyrs of Kashmir, victory of the freedom struggle and expression of solidarity with the Kashmiri people. Besides mass rallies, symposia, walk-for-peace, conventions meetings and speech declamations, a unique ceremony at all the six bridges, linking Pakistan and Azad Jammu Kashmir-where a human chain comprising Pakistanis and Kashmiris to convey solidarity with each other, will be the hallmark of the day-long events everywhere to observe the Day in an opposite mode.

While commenting on the scheduled observance of the Kashmir Solidarity Day this year, local traders leader and President of Mirpur Chamber of Commerce & Industry Sohail Shujah Mujahid said "nevertheless, the Kashmir liberation movement is in full momentum in Jammu & Kashmir state without having any set back in it by political conditions prevailing in Pakistan, celebration of Kashmir Solidarity Day has always marked an impact on the liberation movement, by giving it fresh impetus".

Chairing a joint meeting of the eminent icons of the local civil society including members of his organization here on Monday held to give final shape to the observance of the Kashmir solidarity day in the district, the MCCI President said that the coming Feb. 5 Kashmir Solidarity Day is more important as the solidarity of people of Pakistan with J & K people would convey a new message of dedication and commitment to the freedom of occupied Jammu & Kashmir from the Indian bondage - continuing for the last over seven decades.

Sohail Shujah Mujahid pointed out that the fact remains the people of Jammu & Kashmir come what may, would never accept statuesque and finally India shall have to get out of the occupied territory of Jammu & Kashmir. He added that it was crystal clear that destiny of Jammu & Kashmir state lie in its freedom and in an end to Indian usurpation and forcible occupation of the state.