KARACHI  -   Pakistan Medical Association (PMA) is concerned over the notification issued by the Ministry of National Health Services regarding the increase of pictorial warning on cigarette pack from 50 to 60 percent whereas this increase should be up to 85 percent as per a statutory regulatory order issued in January 2015 but till then it is increasing very steadily due to the weight of the tobacco industry.

Secretary General, Pakistan Medical Association (Centre), Dr SM Qaisar Sajjad said PMA has been raising its voice for the awareness of the masses that use of tobacco in any form is hazardous for health.

According to a report 160,000 people die in Pakistan only due to the use of tobacco. It causes preventable diseases like bronchitis, coronary diseases, diabetes, hypertension, atherosclerosis, lungs cancer, oral cancer and etc. By reducing the consumption of tobacco in the society we can prevent these diseases, where as PMA always preaches that “Prevention is better than cure”.

He said demanded that 85 percent of a cigarette packet should be covered with anti smoking pictorial warning. But unfortunately despite the continuous announcements of the ministry of National Health Services the Pictorial warning on cigarette packet could not be increased up to 85 percent.