Domestic consumers are paying a heavy amount for the gas that they are consuming. According to a report, domestic consumers are paying the highest prices among all sectors of society. This is because of negligence in the administration. The prices which have been set now have been done allegedly without a proper study provision of high pressure to domestic consumers by Sui Northern Gas Pipelines Limited (SNGPL) without the approval of Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority (OGRA). The petroleum division is also clueless about this price hike and there is only one senior petroleum economist. Instead of him training the officials, he has been sent abroad for training and study.

Such conditions have prompted many across Pakistan to protest in front of the SNGPL offices. Bills ranging from Rs12,000 to Rs35,000 are not affordable by the average domestic consumer. This will add additional burden during the summers when the consumption of electricity is also high. Petroleum Minister, Ghulam Sarwar, also did not have an answer regarding the hike and this is a violation of the trust of the masses in their representatives to govern in a manner which benefits them.

The inquiry report sought by the Prime Minister should include the statements of the auditor general of Pakistan, where he pointed out the irregularities by the DGPC in the conversion of leases to Petroleum Policy 2012, Windfall levy, which has caused the national exchequer a loss of Rs 64.44 billion. Allegedly, the companies got benefits in billions of rupees and the poor consumers are paying the price for it. This should be thoroughly investigated and those individuals responsible for increasing the pressure on domestic consumers should be held responsible. Commodities of everyday use should remain within a manageable price range and price hikes should be legally justified and on paper to prove the rationale behind the move.