KAMALIA-Member Central Traders Union Kamalia Shehbaz Salman called upon the government to lift ban on government jobs to eliminate unemployment from the country. He was expressing his views on vacant seats in municipal committees, during a press meet at Press Club Kamalia the other day. He stated that there is a lack of necessary staff in government institutions and at the same time unemployment is increasing rapidly in the country. He suggested that if the government lifts the ban on government jobs, both problems may be solved. He stated that the municipal committees all over the province face severe lack of staff, leaving the municipal committees unable to handle their workload and resolve public issues. He stated that in order to control unemployment, the government needs to adopt an efficacious and efficient strategy.


“Illegally constructed speed breakers are the major cause of the accidents in Kamalia city.” It has been observed in a recent public poll that people have put up self-endorsed speed breakers in the streets all over the city. “Sometimes there are half a dozen speed breakers in a street causing motorcycle, rickshaw and other transport a great deal of trouble. While some speed breakers are made so high that they damage the undersides of vehicles and motorcycles. Higher authorities should take notice of this matter and remove all unnecessary speed breakers throughout the city, and place speed breakers only where they needed as designed by the municipal committee.”, citizens opined.