LAHORE - Speakers at a seminar here on Monday said that Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah had rightly declared Kashmir jugular vein of Pakistan. They said Pakistan will remain incomplete until freedom of Kashmir.

They expressed these views while addressing a seminar at the Hameed Nizami Press Institute of Pakistan (HNPIP) on ‘Kashmir Issue and Our Responsibilities” at HNPIP Auditorium near China Chowk on Monday.

Jamaat e Islami secretary general Liaqat Baloch presided over while AJK lawmaker Ghulam Mohayyuddin Diwan was the chief guest on the occasion. Speakers included Muhammad Shafi Josh, Mirza Sadiq Jarral and senior journalist Dilawar Chaudhry. Institute director Saifullah Sipra was the moderator.

Liaqat Baloch said that without Kashmir Pakistan was not complete. He said that India had been flouting UN resolutions on Kashmir. He said that Indian atrocities would strengthen the Kashmir movement. He said that PM Modi had himself said he remained part of the Mukti Bahni movement. He shed light on the historical perspective of Kashmir movement. He said the late Majid Nizami played a part to highlight the Kashmir issue. “The Kashmir movement is the greatest movement in the world. Other nations failed to support this movement. If world community does not give ear to Kashmir issue, it can trigger a nuclear war. This issue has also generated a financial crisis in both of the countries,” he said.

Kashmir rejected Modi during his visit to Indian Held Kashmir. It is said that India broke Shimla Pact, he said. The Indian leadership should mend her ways. He said that seminars could not resolve the issue, the need is an active participation of people, civil society and all others. He said that we should be active on diplomatic as well. We welcome UN secretary general stance and UK seminar on Kashmir dispute. He said that international nations should play their role now. National Kashmir policy that was sabotaged by Musharaf should be announced. There should be a Kashmir desk in federal government to highlight the matter in other nations. He said Moscow had been defeated and the US today wanted to leave. Pakistan should adopt a national foreign policy. Dilawar Ch said that there should be a committed struggle on Kashmir movement. He said that seminars and other such programs to highlight the issue were important. He said that all the stakeholders including the political parties, institutions, establishment etc should be on the same page on the Kashmir issue.

Molana Shafi Josh the first Pakistani general refused to obey Quaid order and one surrendered in Bangladesh. There should be a commission that could probe into the issue from the death of Quaid to the Kashmir compromise.

He said after atomic power India could not attack Pakistan.

He said Pakistani leader Imran Khan was honest and committed. He said that Indian water terrorism was pushing the country into destruction. He said that now meaningful talks will decide the fate of the Kashmiris.

Ghulam Mohayyudin said that sacrifices of Kashmiris would pave the way for liberation.