In a democratic system, all members of the parliament are equal in all respects. The party in power and the members of the opposition enjoy the same rights. In parliamentary debate, matters of public concern are most important, but our democracy is devoid of these principles. Our public representatives are busy with the quest for personal privileges than issues of public interest. They indulge into war of abuses and accusations against their opponents. The leaders are fond of taking credits for work done by others and blame failures on past governments.

They lack the patience to listen to any criticism. In the last national assembly proceeding, the leader of opposition claimed that the land was acquired by their government for Bhasha Dam. In addition, he levelled charges of malpractices against the ruling party. However, after finishing his speech, he along with his party members staged a walk out from the house. Democracy demanded that he should have stayed in the house to listen to the arguments of the government members and help everyone understand the real problem. Our frail democracy would have been better if it were handled properly. Unfortunately, one democratic government after the other has not met the public expectations and the economy is in shambles. Blaming each other is not a solution to anything. It is still not too late, let bygones be bygones and everyone can still work together to revive the economy and put the country on a path of prosperity.


Islamabad, January 19.