The Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) led government is on the right track to fulfill its motives. However, change will not show in the first few months of the government being formed, because the steps being taken by the elected democrats are strengthening the foundational pillars of a progressive nation. Injecting money by taking loans does show quick results but also makes a country hollow from inside. The status quo has been broken nationwide for the first time in decades due to the noble leadership and a breath taking political struggle of Imran Khan.

There are a lot of developments taking place, if we just focus on Punjab. Shelter homes are being built in all the 36 districts in phases; a committee is drafting police reforms; “Apna Ghar” PM’s housing scheme; eight new economic zones under the new industrial policy; new agricultural policy; Insaaf Health cards; “Clean and Green Punjab” campaign are some of the important operations taking place under the leadership of CM Buzdar.

It is quite visible now that the development taking place will help the country progress unitedly. 1.2 million job opportunities are all set to be provided to the youth of Pakistan and this will help preserve the intellectual capital within the country rather than the young graduates looking for job opportunities abroad. CM Buzdar has vowed to serve the people of Punjab more than their expectations and he is keeping his word by introducing new agendas such as: CM rural roads programme under which 14000 KM long roads will be constructed, linking the farms to markets. It is important to support the agricultural sector because Pakistan is a developing country and it is the duty of the government to promote the primary sector of an economy for various economic reasons.

The Prime Minister and PTI government are ready to set the private sector in motion to enable it to contribute to the economy under the Doing Business Reforms Agenda. The finance minister of Punjab Mr. Hashim Jawan has inaugurated three online platforms aimed at easing of doing business in the province, as Punjab seems to be the most committed province in promoting business startups and easing the legislative procedurals of business.

Furthermore, the leadership is firm in its commitments as the opposition leader Shahbaz Sharif is now ready to fully cooperate with the elected government in the formation of South Punjab province on administrative grounds. CM Punjab said that the southern Punjab secretariat will start working from the next fiscal year.

Finally, on a positive note Cargill is all set to invest $200 million in Pakistan in the next three to five years. The company’s strategy includes expansion across its agricultural trading and bringing world class innovations to support the flourishing dairy industry in Pakistan. The proposed investments will support Pakistan’s overall economic development and contribute to local employment.

The writer is an overseas Pakistani student.