Punjab Information Minister’s video in which he takes an oath upon the Holy Quran that if he is proven wrong, he will divorce his two wives, depicts the sickening and misogynistic mindset that our so-called leaders hold. It is exactly these kinds of chauvinistic attitudes that result in women being treated as objects in this country.

Such frivolous and derogatory remarks coming from minister of the ruling party, PTI. PM Imran Khan who always talks of compassion for the weak, elderly and oppressed section of this country should discipline this person and remove him from this post, because this has not been the first time that he has made such sexist remarks, nor will it be the last.

Women in particular expected PTI to bring about a change and rid this country of such medieval practices like Karo Kari, offering young girls to settle disputes etc. and none of us could never have expected that this party’s minister would indulge in such behavior.


Lahore, January 17.