Village Jhango Wassan is situated in District Khairpur Mirs and in Taluka Kotdiji. This village is five Kilometers away from Kumb town and Shaheed Benazir Bhutto (Nawab Shah) road. In this village there are about 651 households and the population of this is village is 6541 people. It is a very old and historic village in Sindh, but most leaders and politicians do not take it into account.

All the citizens in the village demanded gas facilities in the general election and the MNA Nafesha Shah promised to provide all such facilities. We want to remind her of the promise she made and demand all such basic facilities. In the village diseases such as TB are spreading increasingly. Women have to use wood to cook on a daily basis which is proving to be very costly for the villagers. We request all politicians to think about our village of Jhango wassan. We request the federal government and also the elected politicians of this constituency of Taluka Kotdiji and District Khairpur to resolve this important problem.


Khair pur Mirs, January 19.