Occupied Kashmir’s young generation is now the third to demonstrate the passion for freedom in the face of brutal oppression by the Indian government and armed forces. The beauty of the Himalayan mountains and quiet lakes of Kashmir stands in stark contrast to the daily thump of patrols, the unwelcome presence of an occupying army. A Muslim culture and way of life that is under threat from a revisionist Hindutva regime.

The revocation of the constitutional autonomy of Indian-occupied Kashmir has proven beyond doubt mindset of Narendra Modi and the India he governs. A desperate grab laid bare what India has been wanting to hide from the world — that every single Kashmiri is a hostage to the 700,000 troops stationed there.

Draconian laws and the use of lethal artillery against the Kashmiri people has been documented and protested by the world for decades.

It is in the face of such brutality and cruelty, that the struggle for independence continues with an unwavering and unconquerable spirit. With a new generation of young Kashmiris burning with the indomitable wish of independence from the Indian hold, their freedom will not be denied. Freedom for Kashmiris is an inevitable as the dawning of the day, no matter how dark the night. Kashmir’s shackles have begun to break, and the sound is deafening. It’s time for the world to respond to it.

“Kashmir hoon main, Shahrag Pakistan ki”

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