The shrine of Hazrat Syed Sharif-ud-Din Abdur Rehman, aka Bulbul Shah, the first Muslim Sufi saint from Central Asia to have arrived in Kashmir in 1324 AD, is located in downtown Srinagar. Abdur Rehman — believed to have travelled all the way from Turkistan — settled in Kashmir roughly around 1324 AD (725 A.H). He reached Kashmir with his friend Mullah Ahmad. Some hold, he came to Kashmir with one thousand refugees out of the fear of the Mangols. Others believe, he entered the valley in 1324 AD. During the reign of Ranchan Shah. Ranchan Shah was a seeker of truth. Hinduism could not satisfy him and he found the answer with Bulbul Shah. His meeting with Bulbul left a deep mark on him and he learnt the teaching of Islam from his precepts and actions. He embraced Islam under the assumed name Sadar Uddin, and along with him thousands became Muslims.

His shrine is located in Srinagar city at a place called ‘Bulbul Langar’, and it was in fact here that Ranchan Shah died. It is an important place from both a historical and religious perspective. A Kashmiri myth about Hazrat Abdur Rehman is that he was so absorbed and engrossed in meditation that he wouldn’t disturb the songbird nightingale (Bulbul) sitting on his head.

The shrine is dedicated to his burial place on the Jhelum river, which was actually a Langar, a community kitchen.In 2011 Archeological Survey of India (ASI) rejected the proposal to make it a National Monument even after the High Court ordered the Survey to accept it.