Dastageer Sahib is a 200-year-old shrine situated in the old city area known as Khanyar. This shrine is named after the Sufi Saint of Baghdad namely Shaykh Abdul Qadir Jeelani. Although, Sheikh Abdul Qadir Jeelani never visited Srinagar but this shrine was built in his honor. The beauty of the shrine is that there is a holy relic of the saint that has been preserved for ages. It is said that the holy relic belonging to the Sufi saint was first brought to Srinagar by an afghan traveler. It was then handed over to Syed Buzarg Shah, an eminent Sufi saint of Qadri order. Yet in another story it is said that the holy relic was brought from Thatha Sindh by Hazrat Sakhi Shah Muhammad Fazil who was a descendent of the Geelani Clan. In addition to the holy relic, the shrine houses an old Quran hand written by Hazrat Abu Bakr Siddique RA and Hazrat Ali RA. All these are kept in a fireproof vault and are taken out on special occasions. People from all the corners visit this place irrespective of their religion. Other than that, this shrine has a great architectural value. It is made entirely of wood and not a single nail has been used. In 2012, this 200 year old shrine was gutted in a fire but the people worked on the project and restored the shrine to its original glory. It hosts a beautiful example of ‘khatamband’ ceilings in the traditional Kashmiri style.