An English proverb reads ‘Foolish rush in where angels fear to tread’. The sharply declining law & order situation in Assam and Delhi speaks volume of inefficiency of Indian Government. Muslims have continuously been annoyed & teased in Modi’s regime on one pretext or other. From Babri Masjid decision to atrocities inflicted upon innocent Kashmiris, Modi remains on the forefront; a real stigma on the face of Indian secularism.

The Hindutva, (An ideology seeking to establish the hegemony of Hindus and the Hindu way of life.) has forcibly been imposed on the masses of a country that always remained religiously diverse, vibrant & colourful in the annals of history. Modi’s hindutva is a dream that can never come true. The gory incident of brutally killing protesters protesting the controversial Citizenship (Amendment) bill 2019 stands testimony to the fact that India will resist anything against basic human rights of her citizens. Sadly, their government has no concern over these causalities that took place against infamous Act. It has also transpired that how vulnerable Muslims are in India. World must pressurize Modi for immediately revoking this biased Act. Alternatively, strict sanction must be imposed on India by United Nations and Muslim countries who are so far just silent spectators.