Balochistan Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) banned the vehicles potentially creating air pollution in Quetta.

Balochistan Government official EPA Muhammad Khan stated that the government phased out more than 100 bus in the previous month which were posing hazardous effects through air pollution as well as operating on intercity routes and multiple cities thoroughfares on ‘non-compliant diesel fuel’ containing high ratio of hazardous sulphur dioxide.

As per record, more than 10,000 two-stroke auto rickshaws were in Quetta city which were contributing to the smog effect in the provincial capital. The government has placed a ban on them to ensure pollution-free environment in the city, Khan said.

“It is also the responsibility of the masses to avoid such practices and bring behavioural changes for a clean environment,” he urged.

“Our teams are equipped with proper gadgets to check the emissions of vehicular fleets at random,” he said. “At present, most of the air pollution is mainly due to increased vehicular emissions and unbridled cars entering in the Quetta city,” he emphasised.