Today, on February 5, people around the globe are marking Kashmir Solidarity Day. The day is not just being observed by Pakistan or by the people of Azad Kashmir, whose solidarity with the people of the Occupied Jammu and Kashmir (IOJK) is but natural. What is more significant is that this day has now become an international day that projects global voices for an end to humans rights violations and crimes against humanity being committed in the occupied territory by the BJP-led Indian Government. In fact, today an international movement culminates in rallies, demonstrations and conferences in capitals and cities across the world to demand self-determination for Kashmiris in accordance with United Nations resolutions. In this regard, the Kashmiri and Pakistani diaspora community has been a driving force and a catalyst in mobilising world opinion. Today’s worldwide protest reflects a groundswell of opprobrium against India’s illegal steps it took on August 5 last year to invade, reoccupy, bifurcate and colonise the territory. A taboo has been broken that the Bharatiya Janata Party’s use of unbridled force in IOJK resulting in mass killings, blindings, arbitrary detentions, and systematic sexual violence cannot be called out. The mainstream international media and influential parliamentarians in the US Congress, European Parliament and the British Parliament have excoriated India over its now six-month-long occupation lockdown, communication blockade, and the imposition of decisions against the will of the people of the state. China, Turkey, Malaysia and Iran spoke up for the Kashmiris; the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) has issued a strong communique, and the UN Security Council has held two informal sessions on Kashmir. Germany, Sweden and Finland have expressed their concern. Reassuring, but not enough. The most powerful nations, regrettably, remain ambivalent in their response as they assess their costs and benefits on their strategic-economic calculus. Do they realise the unintended consequences of the appeasement of a regime that openly advocates and practises its neo-Fascist doctrine of Hindutva? Do they not read signs that this regime will re-enact Auschwitz in Kashmir and India on a much larger scale? That’s not all. The BJP regime has openly threatened to start off a war against Azad Kashmir and Pakistan in which they would not hesitate to use nuclear weapons. Will the world allow a new evil force, a regional Pied Piper, to lead the world to genocide and a destructive war? We are running out of time. The BJP’s vicious plans for ethnic cleansing and genocide of Kashmiris must be stopped, and the unmistakable drift towards war arrested. Most importantly, the Kashmiris should be given their inalienable right to self-determination. The United Nations should come off the fence and help liberate the people of IOJK from decades-long captivity and oppression. There is some half-hearted talk about third-party mediation, which India rejects anyway. The first priority, however, is to save Kashmiris from brutalisation and annihilation. And formal diplomacy, led by the United Nations Secretary-General, can explore several avenues to revive the use of his good offices and the weight of the Security Council to shape a new environment for engagement and deliberations to hammer out a peace formula for Kashmir. It is imperative to involve the true representatives of Jammu and Kashmir in this process. Pakistan and Kashmiris have realised that after India’s aggravating steps, traditional diplomatic and political campaigns won’t work. We have to rethink a strategy to reach out not only to multilateral forums but enlist the support of the global civil society to put pressure on India to stop its scorched earth policy in IOJK. This is our Vietnam moment. At the same time, Pakistan has to remain fully prepared for repulsing any military adventure by India. A just solution of the Kashmir dispute is a litmus test for the survival of the rule-based global order that was created in 1945 and is symbolised by the UN. The alternative is international anarchy.