Presently where do we stand? India is trying to land on the moon. West is focusing on developing a better alternative of non-renewable energy sources, countries are striving for development and we are fighting over corruption and our political affiliation.

Corruption is not only a third world problem, but it’s also there in 1st world countries. In the cycle of corruption, the money stays in the society, the country doesn’t get poor. I’m not justifying corruption. A crime is a crime but Corruption is not that bad compared to neo-capitalism which is spreading like fire across the country. No one talks about it. Why? Big foreign companies are coming and opening their franchisees and store chains in Pakistan and we feel so honored by going there and doing a check-in on Facebook and other social networking sites about it.

The profit these brands make here, a very huge part of that profit goes to their home countries. Many people will say, ‘it’s not like that’ but how many prefer going to the stand of “ande wala burger” and not McDonald’s. How many people post that? We are so obsessed with this so-called modernity that it’s us who are sending away our wealth to other countries without even realizing it and yet we try to act as we care by posting a few tweets about corruption along with those check-ins.