ISLAMABAD - Prime Minister Imran Khan’s restructuring of three liaison committees to balance out relations with coalition partners and keeping Jahangir Khan Tareen out of the new arrangements has raised many eyebrows.

The foremost reason for this deep feeling within PTI and among its coalition partners is perhaps after the PML-Q leadership has expressed its reservation to engage with a new committee headed by Governor Punjab Chaudhry Mohamad Sarwar. And perhaps this might have been because Jahangir Khan Tareen is one of those who have recently been playing an important role along with other party leaders in engaging PTI’s coalition partners after they had made their reservations public. This development has led many people to make different interpretations of how and why Mr. Tareen was left out. Foremost among them was that Tareen has developed serious differences with party leadership and had dashed off to London. However, when Mr. Tareen was approached on his telephone number, it was founded switched off. On the other hand, his personal secretary Syed Imran, when contacted, dismissed all the speculations.

He told this correspondent that Jahangir Khan Tareen is in Pakistan and very busy in following the political tasks assigned to him by the party leadership.

“He had a meeting with the President on Monday, and he spent his Sunday in Peshawar in meeting with the KPK Chief Minister Mehmood Khan,” Syed Imran added.