KABUL (AFP) - Four US troops and a British soldier have been killed in Afghanistan, officials said Monday, the first reported fatalities of 2010 after a record number of foreign deaths in the conflict last year. Four American soldiers serving with NATOs International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) died in a roadside bomb blast in a southern Taliban hotspot on Sunday, the coalition said in a statement. A Taliban spokesman said the hardline militia was behind the attack.A British soldier was killed in a similar bomb blast the same day in the neighbouring province of Helmand. The Ministry of Defence in London said the soldier died when an explosion hit a foot patrol in the Nad-e-Ali area of Helmand. A total of 108 British service personnel died in Afghanistan last year, the bloodiest for the British military since the 1982 Falklands War. In all, 522 foreign troops lost their lives in violence in Afghanistan in 2009, according to the independent icasualties.org website tracking the deaths. The toll compares with 295 foreign troop deaths in 2008, while US casualties more than doubled to 319 last year from 155 in 2008.