A man lost his wife in mysterious circumstances. He shed crocodile tears in public and since he was so good at this fraud, he found one pretext or another to ensure that not even an F. I. R was lodged. Friends knew he was only interested in her legacy. But he was good at winning sympathies of others by naming everything in her name. When doubts were raised, he created one drama or the other. He kept crying aloud that everyone was conspiring to kill him to seize his wealth. Everyone advised him to stop lying and playing these clever tricks on others. He kept spreading his self-serving doctrines of hate, opportunism, deception, loot and plunder. He simply refused to listen. People were then forced to take him to a psychiatric who treated him but his condition kept worsening. Then he went mad and had to be sent to mental hospital. No one learns from such instances and nations abound with men of this kind. Mills of God grind slow and silent but very fine. -A.QUERASHY, Sukkur, January 2.