The factors responsible for the prevalence of extremism seem to run out of fuel at a fast pace. Citizens believe one of the most important origins of extremism are seminaries (madrassas). Research has proven that these seminaries, especially those in southern Punjab, have been strengthened mainly due to poverty and illiteracy. An attraction of these seminaries is the free boarding and lodging facilities they offer along with education. Because of these facilities, people send their children ton them where extremist leaders begin to train these children since childhood in religious-oriented violence. When these children reach their teens, they are primed to fight in the name of religion as they have been completely brainwashed for years. The government should take strict notice of the curriculum of these seminaries and setup a committee whose sole responsibility should be to oversee what is being taught in these institutions. Seminaries should only be allowed to operate if they teach peace and love through Islam. It should be our collective effort to end extremism for good. -HIRA MIR, Islamabad, December 2.