There are certain commonalties between our President Asif Ali Zardari and the Indian military chief Deepak Kapoor. Our President has been hurling threats at his enemies and has pledged to fight till the bitter end. He has not named the enemies directly but everyone knows what his targets were. On the eve of the second death anniversary of his wife, he spoke very little about his wife, nothing about her killers and nothing at all about the progress (if there was any) by the so-called UN investigators. Indian army chief has, likewise, hurled threats at Pakistan and China without any reason or provocation. In a TV programme on a private TV channel, an expert gave a good analysis of these threats. When a person is weak and has some in built fears, he resorts to threatening language. They say "An empty vessel makes a lot of noise". The anchorperson of this TV programme added to this analysis that such threats make a person more vulnerable because if one resorts to the sort of language that does not behove one's status, there is trouble. General Deepak Kapoor's statement was just a stupid brag, our President's speech seemed like an attempt to please himself. Both of them failed to realize the damage they have caused to themselves. -KHWAJA MUHIUDDIN NOORANI, Faisalabad, January 4.