The main role of the universities in society is to enhance research and that cannot be done unless the universities have well-stocked libraries. The government, unfortunately, is not paying attention to this very serious issue. Libraries are facing financial problems that usually lead to closures. Increased prices of books and journals etc also affects the library budgets and lack of funds to buy them is one of the main reasons why growth of libraries has stopped altogether. In the present era, when Pakistan is beset by terrorism and other such problems caused due to illiteracy of the populace, education is the only solution and the concept of education is incomplete without libraries. The higher authorities are requested to make an effort for developing the library culture at the school level so that we can build our future in a better way. And the first thing to do in this regard to increase the education budget so that money can be allocated for increasing the number of libraries. -SAMREEN LATEEF, Lahore, January 2.