KARACHI - Registrar of Supreme Court of Pakistan, Karachi registry office Dr Faqir Hussain on Monday said that the initiatives had been taken to tackle the crisis of shortage of judges in the lower courts. Addressing a press conference held here at a local hotel while issuing the amended addition of the National Judicial Policy (NJP), he said that few changes had been made in the addition of NJP and that was approved by the Chief Justice of Supreme Court. He admitted that the lower courts across the country have been facing shortage of the judges but very soon the number of judges would be increased in all the four provinces in which more than 200 judges are going to be appointed in the lowers courts of Punjab. Similarly, 90 judges would be appointed across NWFPs courts. He revealed that 16,80,000 cases are remained pending across the province due to several reasons. Some corruption complaints have been received against the judicial officers while the actions would be taken against them according to the law.