SWAT Judicial system started functioning here in tehsil Matta on Monday after a closure of one and a half years and more than 55 cases were heard in four Qazi Courts. President Matta Bar Association, Zahir Shah Advocate, while talking to TheNation said that it was a gala day for Swat dwellers. He said many lawyers got jobless due to closure of the courts. He said that a large portion of judiciary record was set ablaze by militants in Matta when they got hold of the region, adding some of the record was shifted to Mingora. It is worth mentioning here that militants after getting hold of Swat introduced their own judicial system under the name of 'Islamic Sharia Courts. After returning of normalcy to the region in the wake of military operation against militants not only judiciary resumed its functioning but civil administration also started its work that brought a sigh of relief for the residents.