ISLAMABAD - The 'aristocratic decisions of the management of Oil and Gas Development Company Limited (OGDCL) have created resentment among its employees who express their reluctance towards the policies of their bosses publicly and off-the-record. Soon after the publication of the story titled Influentials eye oilfield for kickbacks in TheNation, dated December 30 2009, which had revealed the farm-out of Balochistans potential oilfield Zin Block to a private oil company against hefty kickbacks, the employees of OGDCL had staged a protest to stop the OGDCL Board from doing so. Consequently, the meeting of OGDCL Board scheduled to be held the same day to farm out Zin Block to Petroleum Exploration Limited (PEL) had been cancelled in the wake of massive opposition from OGDCLs workers. TheNation had inquired OGDCL management but it had refused to comment on this issue, while the protestors said that the decision of the Company to farm out Zin Block in the wake of grave security threats was a lame excuse of their bosses and was meant only to receive kickbacks. They said they (protestors) were willing to serve in Balochistan. Former General Manager, Explorations OGDCL, Zahid Imran Farani had been transferred to Oil and Gas Training Institute (OGTI) as punishment for opposing the farm-out of Zin Block to PEL, as already mentioned in the same new story. Further probe into the matter reveals that Farani was forced to back out from his stance even after he was transferred. In a startling subsequent development, in a meeting of OGDCLs Operation and Finance Committee held on August 12, 2009, a senior OGDCL official again took up the issue and recorded the minutes of committees meetings. He had already spoken with Mr. Farani and he has withdrawn his comments. The official was hopeful that Farani would go along with the reprimand, which he had received by the OGDCLs management for opposing the farm-out of Zin Block, on a previous occasion. The optimistic official therefore, sought the endorsement of Zahid Farani, a few days before Farani was transferred. When Zahid Farani refused to do so, he was immediately sent to Oil and Gas Training Institute (OGTI). After his transfer, the minutes of the aforementioned meeting with the comments of management were put up for Faranis signature but he again opposed the farm-out plan and wrote, The u/s does once again humbly reiterate the incorporation of the amendments/correctionsand Exploration Departments recommendations as Zin EL is substantially prospective area and in the current scenario may not be considered for Farm-Out at all. Whether, the Balochistans lucrative oilfield is farmed out to PEL is yet to be seen but the growing protests of OGDCL employees against their management plainly indicate that the workers do not subscribe to the policies of their bosses.