ISLAMABAD The proceedings of Parliamentary Committee on Constitutional Reforms would likely delay by a month or so as PML-N and ANP are going to hold a separate meeting outside the ambit of the Constitutional Reforms committee on the issue of the renaming NWFP in order to reach a common name for the province. The sources in the Parliamentary Committee on Constitutional Reforms informed TheNation that since the differences persisted only between PML-N and ANP over renaming of NWFP the members of the committee had asked both the parties to thrash out differences on the issue without disturbing the routine proceedings of the committee, which was currently discussing the issue of provincial autonomy. The sources further said that it would safely take the committee another month or two to complete the process of reviewing the constitution provided the issue of renaming of NWFP was settled by both the parties. It is pertinent to mention here that a couple of days back ANP President Asfandyar Wali Khan constituted a committee comprising senior party leaders to negotiate with PML-N team on the issue of renaming the NWFP. Sources in ANP informed that they had given three names to the Parliamentary Committee on Constitutional Reforms and asked them to select one of these names to be given to what they termed the nameless province. The three names given by ANP included Pakhtoonkhawa, Pakhtoonistan and Afghania. On the other hand PML-N leadership was averse to almost all the three names as people of Hazara Division in NWFP, the stronghold of PML-N, wanted some other name for the province and for the purpose they had proposed Khyber, Abaseen and Neelab. Sources further informed that in the recent meeting between the ANP Federal Minister Ghulam Ahmad Bilour and PML-N Quaid Mian Nawaz Sharif at the latters Raiwind residence the matter of renaming of NWFP came under threadbare discussion. It was also decided in the meeting that the leadership of both the parties should sit together to evolve consensus on the issue and select the name for the province acceptable to all the stakeholders. Sources close to both the parties informed that during the meeting Mian Nawaz Sharif told Ghulam Ahmad Bilour that PML-N would accept the name of NWFP if ANP added the suffix of Hazara to Pakhtoonkhawa as Pakhtoonkhawa-Hazara. Now both PML-N and ANP are meeting to discuss all these options and once they reached some common name the same would be tabled before the committee for approval. The sources said that the other obstacle before the committee was the level of autonomy to be doled out to provinces as the nationalist parties belonging to smaller provinces were of the view that except defence, currency and foreign affairs rest of the affairs should be given to the provinces while some mainstream parties wanted some more check of Federal Government on provinces and were averse to such level of autonomy to the provinces. At the same time, PML-N was still clinging to the old demand of segregating the constitutional amendments into two parts; firstly the issues on which all the parties had consensus like repeal of 17th Amendment and Article 58(2) B, secondly; the issues on which the parties have divergent viewpoints like renaming of NWFP and provincial autonomy. PML-N wanted to get the first part taken up right now while on the second, the parties would continue work and evolve consensus among the stakeholders but the stakeholders from smaller provinces vehemently opposed this point of view saying that instead of piecemeal deal they wanted a comprehensive package, encompassing all contentious issues.