ISLAMABAD - In naked display of brutality and hooliganism on part of Islamabad Police and Estate Office, ladies occupying a disputed official residence in G-7/4 were thrown out of the house along with luggage, eyewitnesses and neighbours said. The ladies who were forcefully thrown out of the disputed house claimed that they had secured a stay order from court of law against any action on part of Estate Office but police and Estate Office showed little respect to the court order. The police team headed by ASI Shafqat Ali, brutally thrashed the women at a time when they tried to dislodge the family living in the government servant quarter no. 60/2 located in street no 43 of G-7/4. The terrible scene of thrashing the women infuriated the residents of that area who started exchanging hot words with the police and before a scuffle would start between them, the police officials ran away from the scene to save their skin. Kamran Ahmed, a peon by profession in the Planning and Development Commission who is living in that house along with his family told TheNation that officials of Estate Office headed by Anwar Baig, Chief Inspector along with a police team and some persons equipped with iron rods came at a time when no member of the family was present in the house. They broke the main lock and stormed into the house, he added. He said that some women of his family reached there and after seeing the things of the house at sixes and sevens, they got frightened and locked a room from inside. ASI Shafqat Ali hitting the locked room with his boots, again entered into that room and when the women resisted him, he along with his subordinates brutally beat the women, he added. The miserable part of the whole episode is that Musharraf Jan, the grandmother of Kamran and above 60 years of age lady was also among the victims of police action. Musharraf Jan told this scribe that when she asked the police to show her any legal document to vacate that house, the police officer got infuriated and started thrashing her. She said that when other female members of the family came for his help, the other police officials and some people dressed in plain clothes also beat them. Kamran Ahmed informed TheNation that prior to this, the house was allotted in the name of his father and later the Estate Office after cancellation the allotment, allotted it to the name of Tahir who is also a peon in the Planning and Development Commission. He blamed that Estate Office allotted the house to another person despite the fact he was entitled to get that house according to Ministrys rules. He informed that on this he proceeded to the court and Additional Session Judge, Shamsul Islam issued stay orders till the decision of the case. Shaukat Ali Advocate, the council of Kamran Ali informed this scribe that the matter was sub judice in the court of Civil Judge, Sajida Chaudhry and Estate Office could not hold the authority to vacate the house till the decision of the case. He said the court had issued no significant orders to vacate that house. The Estate Office was doing contempt of court with clear violation of court orders. Azhar Ali, a resident of that area and an eyewitness told that the thrashing of women by the police and some other people was totally inhuman and violation of human rights. He also blamed that a group of land mafia (Qabza Group) had been established in the Estate Office who after taking some bribe from any party did such illegal actions. Mohammad Ali Shah, State Officer of Ministry of Housing and Works was contacted for several times but he was not available for comments. However, Anwar Baig, the Chief Inspector of Estate Office told that the court had cancelled that stay order on Monday and after getting written orders from the court, he along with his team had gone there to vacate the house. He also blamed that some people resisted there and thrashed his subordinates as well as police team. The Estate Office is going to lodge an FIR against the responsible persons for interference into the government affairs, he added.