ISLAMABAD Top Seed Sarah Mahboob Khan thrashed Ushna Sohail in the final of the girls singles of the 26th Federal Cup National Ranking Tennis Championships to win the title 2-0 here Dilawar Abbas Tennis Complex on Monday. Sarah gained 2-1 lead in the first set by breaking second game of the Ushna in which she made three double faults. Sarah kept the pressure and claimed winning lead 4-1 by breaking 4th game of Ushna and won the first set at 6-2 by breaking 8th game of Ushna in which she again hit three double faults. In the second set, Ushna build up the winning lead 3-0 by breaking 1st and 3rd game of Sarah by hitting number of winners down the lines. Sarah fought back bravely and level the score 4-4 by breaking 4 and 8th game of Ushna. Sarah won the second set at 6-4 by breaking last game of the match. Both the players displayed excellent skills from the base line and long rallies and powerful stroke forehand and backhand drives were witness from the base line. However Ushna made 13 double faults while Sarah made eight during the match. The match lasted one hour 30 minutes. Faizan Khurram an up coming youngster from Lahore clinched the title of Juniors Under-17 Singles event by beating Muhammad Abid of Lahore in a thrilling three sets match. Muhammad Abid won the first set at 6-3 by breaking 2nd and 6th game of Faizan Khurram by playing serve volley game. Meanwhile, in the second set, Faizan Khurram secured the winning lead 4-0 by breaking second and fourth game of Abid by hitting powerful forehand cross court shorts. Abid reduced the lead by breaking 5th and 7th game of Faizan Khurram and was serving for 4-4 all. At this stage, Faizan Khurram played aggressive game and broke the 8th game of the 2nd set and won the second set at 6-3. In the final set, Abid took the lead 3-1 by breaking 4th game of Faizan. Faizan levelled the second set 3-3 all by breaking 5th game of Abid at 15-40. Faizan won the final set at 6-4 by breaking 7th and 8th game of Abid in which he hits four double faults. Kashan-ul-Haq, grandson of sub continent legend Siraj-ul-Haq won the Boys Under-13 tiles by eliminating Muhammad Saad Zafar from Lahore in another three setter. Kashan won the final set on tie break at 7-4. Both the players displayed high standard of the game. Results: Ladies Singles (Final): Sarah Mahboob Khan beat Ushan Sohail 6-2, 6-4 Juniors U-17 Singles (Final): Faizan Khurram beat Muhammad Abid 3-6, 6-3, 6-3 Boys Under-13 Singles (Final): Kashan-ul-Haq beat M.Saad Zafar 4-2, 3-5, 5-4(4)