ISLAMABAD - Supreme Court on Monday directed DG Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) to make strenuous efforts in recovering the kidnapped daughter of a Tajik national Fatima Bibi through using Interpol channel. A three-member bench of the apex court headed by Chief Justice Iftikhar Mohammad Chaudhry was hearing the application moved by Fatima seeking recovery of her daughter Maryam through Interpol, as her ex-husband Abdullah was in custody of Qalat police. She accused that her ex-husband Abdullah Brohi of Qilat (Pakistan) kidnapped her daughter and then sent her to Iran in 2008. CJ also directed Attorney General to chalk out a strategy involving Foreign Office as well as the law enforcement agencies for the early recovery of Maryam. The girl should be produced before the apex court by February 16 so that the dilemma of the minor girl can be solved, he further remarked. During the course of proceedings Deputy Attorney General Shah Khawar informed the court that the government would take up the issue through Foreign Ministry and FIA contacting the embassies in Iran and Afghanistan accordingly to reach positive results. Director (Legal) FIA, Azam Khan informed the court that efforts made so far to trace the girl seemed to be futile, as the persons concerned were not cooperating with FIA. Abdul Khaliq, father of Abdullah informed the court that the girl was in Hirrat, a city in Afghanistan. He refused to acknowledge that the minor was in Iran or Pakistan. He alleged the Qilat police as he had been kept in Qalat jail for three months illegally. He also sought the courts help on this act of police saying the police not only harassed his family but also punished him. Interestingly, he submitted his verbal plea in Brohi, a local language in Qilat, which Chief Justice also spoke. Chief Justice also ordered the IG Balochistan to inquire into the whole matter and submit a report to the apex court on the above-said date. Besides, Additional Attorney General Balochistan, Mehmood Raza Khan submitted the report before the bench. There was no clue so far regarding the recovery of the girl yet, he further informed. Chief Justice expressed his dissatisfaction over the dual statement of the accused Abdullah, father of the girl. Meanwhile, Fatima claimed that her daughter was in Pakistan as Najeebullah, the cousin of Abdullah informed her that Maryam was in Quetta. Earlier, she informed the court that her former husband took her daughter to Iran. She said that police tried to pressurise Abdullah by imprisoning his family members but it was of no use. On this point, the court inquired about the status of Najeebullah pertaining to the whole tragedy. It is also pertinent to mention here that Fatima Bibi moved an application to the Chief Justice of Pakistan last year for early recovery of her daughter, who was kept in unidentified place by her ex-husband, Abdullah. She also held a press conference regarding the issue when Tajik government said that they could not help Fatima Bibi by using their diplomatic relations with Iran, as she no more held the nationality of Tajikistan. According to Tajik laws, after marrying a Pakistani man, her nationality of Tajikistan stood cancelled and she would be considered Pakistani, Tajik authorities conveyed to her.