ISLAMABAD (APP) - A seminar on Impact of Climate Change and Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) as Mitigation Options for Academia in Pakistan, was held at Preston University. It was organised by the Disaster Research Institute (DRI), Preston University. Kamran Lashari, Secretary Ministry of Environment, who was Chief Guest, said climate change was a rapidly unfolding challenge of catastrophic global, regional and national proportions. Pakistan, he feared, would be affected by the impact far more seriously than is generally recognized by the relevant quarters. Talking about Pakistans contribution towards global warming, he said it was responsible for only a small fraction of the problem but was among the countries that would be badly hit by the affects of climate change. Lashari maintained that Pakistan was witnessing drastic pressures on its environment and natural resources and there was an urgent need to take practical measures to deal with this critical issue effectively. Commenting on environmental degradation he particularly stressed upon the students to play an effective role in keeping the environment clean. Environment is something very close to our lives. The water that we drink, the food we eat and the air we breathe, all have a direct bearing on the environment. He emphasized the need for the universities and the Ministry to develop a more permanent relationship and have some integrated programmes in the field of environmental promotion. In his presentation on the subject Syed Amjad Hussain, acting incharge of Clean Development Mechanism (CDM), Ministry of Environment, highlighted the measures the Ministry of Environment was taking to deal with CDM. On Clean Development Management (CDM), he said it was a mechanism that stimulated sustainable development and emission reductions, while giving industrialized countries some flexibility in how they meet their emission reduction limitation targets. Pakistan, he said, was making planned endeavors to derive maximum benefit from this mechanism, which was seen by many as trailblazer. It is the first global, environmental investment and credit scheme of its kind, providing a standardized emission offset instrument, he said. Earlier, Dr Abdul Basit, Chancellor Preston University expressed highlighted the achievements of Preston University and the contribution for the cause of higher education in the country.