LONDON (Agencies) - A senior Pakistani security official has urged the US to work with Islamabad to coordinate its response to Thursdays suicide attack on a CIA base in Khost, southern Afghanistan, to prevent the (US-Pakistan) alliance from unnecessary and further friction. The attack was linked by some US officials to a network created by Jalaluddin Haqqani, a legendary Afghan warlord widely believed to be close to Taliban. After Thursdays attack, Pakistans security officials have moved to distance the country from any links to the Haqqani network but have also warned against an escalation in attacks by pilotless US drones on the countrys territory. If the Americans step up the (drone) attacks at what they suspect are locations of Haqqanis men inside Pakistan, that would be a risky step, one security official in Peshawar told the Financial Times. The Americans cannot simply go by assumptions. First, all the facts must be ascertained. A US State Department official said: We do not comment on operations but it should be clear that we stand ready to take action against terrorists and their networks when opportunities present themselves. Our counter-terrorist efforts are coordinated with foreign governments, including with Pakistan, as needed. An official in the NWFP government said Pakistan had so far neither been consulted by the US for information following the Khost attack nor has Pakistan volunteered any information. Our position is very clear. We are not connected to anyone who seeks to target the US in Afghanistan. We have a carefully built alliance with the US, we cant afford to disturb or indeed disrupt that. The security official told the FT that the planned surge in US troops in Afghanistan this year will succeed in curbing militancy if there is also a simultaneous improvement in relations with Pakistan. There is a contradiction right now, he said. You have the US calling us (Pakistan) a close ally but the Americans are also intensifying their drone attacks which are very unpopular among our public. To make this alliance work better, there has to be closer coordination and a sincere effort to iron out all differences.