The great tragedy of the 10th Moharram should not be left for the coalition government of PPP and MQM to investigate. It should be investigated by the highest judicial body in the country, the Supreme Court. Being partners in government, they are both party to this saddest of events of our history. They would surely protect each other. People do not trust them because they are a club for mutual perpetuation in power that is only committed to wealth accumulation. They have become weaknesses of each other; Zardari uses MQM for his vested interests and they use him. PPP, MQM, MMA and ANP are a fake club of opportunists that operate in the name of democracy. This democracy is 'opposition-less', not just at the centre but in all four provinces too. One man is dictating the national affairs with a hopeless Prime Minister and a zombied parliament at his beck and call. This has been the major cause for the continued devastation being wreaked upon us through terrorism, which in turn is destroying our economy and ruining the poor. MQM, PPP & ANP are responsible for what happened in Karachi. May be the land mafia and other vested interest groups were also behind the mayhem, loot and arson. MQM has pointed the finger at the Haqeeqi group, which though early to judge, must be probed by an independent, high-powered judicial commission of inquiry. -S. A. KHAN, Multan, January 2.