LAHORE Expressing sorrow and grief over the sad assassination of former Governor Punjab Salmaan Taseer, the writers and artists said the country had lost an art lover and moderate Paksitani who always supported the peace and patience. The writers and artists including Director Pakistan Academy of Letters Altaf Qureshi, renowned poet and wither Khalid Ahmed, Director Majlis-e-Taraqi Abad Shehzad Ahmed and singer Abrar-ul-Haq were of the view that late Salmaan Taseer would always be remembered among the art lovers as he contributed a lot for the betterment of writers and artists. While talking to TheNation on Tuesday, Altaf Qureshi said the assassination of Taseer was the reflection of societys extremist attitude. He said Islam was a religion of peace and tolerance which respected the others point of view but the incident depicted that there was no one to tolerate others. Qureshi said Salmaan Taseer was more active towards cultural activities. He was well educated person who always tried to see both sides of the picture. His father MD Taseer was great contributor of Urdu literature and was initiator of Anjuman Tariqi-e-Pasand Musanfeen Qureshi said adding that although Salmaan Taseer was an accountant but he had good command on literature. He further said he was big supporter of writers and artists adding that these days he was working on his second book which was planned to be published in 2011. Khalid Ahemd said Salman was a cultural personality having legacy of his late father MD Taseer. He said writhers and artists community strongly condemned the assassination of Mr Taseer. Shehzad Ahmed said the Punjab Governor House had become the centre of cultural activities since late Salmaan Taseer appointment as governor. He said the late was not only a patron of art and culture but also a good writer as he proved himself by a political biography on Bhutto. He added he also a good administrator, veteran politician and a successful business man. While terming on the sad incident of the Taseers killing, Abrarul Haq said he was very kind to artists community. He said his services and love for the community would be remembered. He added said he was believer of humanity and promoter of tolerance and peace.