Indian Minister for Finance Pranab Mukherjees demand that Pakistan should give it in writing the guarantee that its soil will not be used as a launching pad for terrorism in India is only meant to put a damper on the peace process. Even though we may give hundreds of such guarantees, it is unlikely that India would trust us. Its mudslinging campaign is going on at full throttle, maligning us as a terrorist state despite the fact that it has itself been involved in fishing in troubled waters in Balochistan. The bilateral talks are already stalled because of New Delhis intransigence. Mukherjees statement can also be regarded as a straw in the wind, especially with respect to the upcoming visit of Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi to India and what he should expect. First, New Delhi is trying to give the impression that there is no point in talking with Islamabad. Second, the idea being conveyed is that if Islamabad is so eager to rush to the negotiating table, it would have to account for its so-called misdeeds. But though such tactics are not new, our Foreign Office has yet to learn to show the spine that is essential to snub the domineering Indians. Mr Qureshis utterances on Kashmir are no doubt welcome. Yet our demand should be that Kashmir must remain the central issue, whereas terrorism especially the Mumbai attacks for which no tangible proof could be provided should be the last of the issues to discuss. This could help Pakistan run rings round India and its sickening terror mantra. Besides, India must realise that for it Kashmir is an albatross round its neck that would not only continue to haunt it but would fuel its paranoia sometimes forcing it to ask for Pakistans guarantees against terrorism and sometimes imploring the US to find a remedy to its dilemma. The logical way out of its predicament is to restart the peace process with specific focus on finding a solution to Kashmir dispute in line with the UNSC resolutions. Only this can result in the expected peace dividend.