ISLAMABAD - The slain Governor Salman Taseer was strongly resisting the moves from powerful quarters in PPP against any amendment in blasphemy law and Aasia Bibis amnesty, and his last visit to the Federal Capital aimed at winning Presidencys support in this regard, it is reliably learnt. The late governors arrival in Islamabad, apparently in personal capacity, reportedly had much to do with convincing the Presidency to take a strong stand on the aforesaid issue after a federal minister, who was opposing amendments in blasphemy law and an expected grant of amnesty to Aasia Bibi, had succeeded to get the matter landed in abeyance. Taseer was publicly very vocal on his views regarding the blasphemy law. He was of the view that present blasphemy law was discriminatory that had led to the victimisation of several innocent people. Till last month, according to sources, the Presidency and the slain governor were on the same page regarding the latters stance on blasphemy law and Aasias issue. However, after the JUI-F quitted the ruling coalition, the Presidency had started paying heed to the federal ministers 'advices on the particular subject. The minister had convinced the Presidency to keep the issue lingering on the pretext that governments stand on a sensitive subject like blasphemy law would give an easy chance for religious elements to provoke and exploit the public opinion that would be a further setback to the Governments popularity graph which had already hit rock-bottom. It was then decided to get the matter off the scene till the political dust settled. The MQMs parting ways with the ruling coalition added further fuel to fire and virtually deprived the Government of any chance to touch upon a sensitive issue related to public sentiments - a further setback to Taseers efforts. Salman Taseer decided to personally take up the matter with the Presidency. Reportedly, Taseers stay in Islamabad, which eventually ended up in the tragic loss of his life, was otherwise fruitful, as the President had agreed to take up the blasphemy issue once the political storm calmed down. Amid other gigantic challenges concerning its very political survival, another tough test that lies in store for the ruling party would be to go by the disposition of its former governor about an issue he had sacrificed his life for.