After a year of dismal and highly disappointing performance, the Pakistan cricket remains at the cross roads with virtually no chance of picking up the requisite strength for the forthcoming World Cup-2011. A shattered, demoralized and disillusioned Pakistan cricket team left on the tour of New Zealand with the varied feelings of hope and despair. Having played two practice games and a series of three T-20 matches so far, the team managed to win only one T-20 match. It is well known that Pakistans cricket is passing through the worst phase of degradation caused by the allegations of corruption, match fixing and irregularities of all sorts. The suspension cum sidelining of half the Pakistans cricket echelon has been the biggest disaster that our cricket is facing. Though the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) cannot be absolved from its responsibility of messing up things but it is to a great extent the International Cricket Council (ICC) which has created a mountain out of molehill. Having been closely associated with the game for over half a century, I never noticed the world cricket body humiliating a full member country as much as they have done in case of Pakistan. In view of the World Cup starting in mid February it was natural for Pakistan to form the right combination for the big event. The tour of New Zealand was an excellent opportunity to achieve the aim. The wave of tensions and psychological pressures the team has carried with it is not making things easier. The players could have picked up their lost confidence and morale had the ICC abandoned its posture of acting as 'enemy of Pakistans cricket. As if the existing tension was not enough the ICC is learnt to have sent a special team of its Anti Corruption Unit to New Zealand to monitor the activities of Pakistan team and also to keep an eye on all visitors coming to see the players. It compelled the PCB to instruct the players not to meet the visitors without permission from the team officials as well as not to attend any parties and functions. How can you expect the players to perform well when they know that they are under 24 hours surveillance. Such a silly and unsporting move by the ICC indicates that the world cricket body considers our squad a gang of 'criminals and not a bunch of cricketers. What a shame? RAFI NASIM, Lahore January 4