LAHORE Around 1,200 wagons laden by dry fruits, edible salt, cement and other goods were learnt to be stranded at Lahore and Wagha Border following the denial of entry in India by Indian Railways and Border Security Force. Pakistan Railways spokesman said the denial was badly affecting the goods train service as only three trains have been entered in India since the start of this month. India had allowed entry only 23 fright trains contrary to the offer of 60 freight trains from Pakistan Railways in November. Similarly, in December, 62 freight trains have been demanded of entry while only 16 were being allowed, PR stated on Tuesday. The suspension of the service was hitting trade of worth millions of rupees and that was happening only due to Indian rigidity and hostility. While talking to TheNation, Divisional Superintendent PR Lahore Javid Anwar said no freight train could get entry in India without the permission of Indian Railways and Border Security Force. There was twice-a week passenger train service agreement while the fright train service between India and Pakistan had no specification of days, he added. As per agreement, both the countries would get equal number of trains at the end of the month. He said he had been in contact with Ferozpur Railway Division administration to get permission of rail entries during the last three month.