LAHORE Ministers of the coalition parties at the Punjab Assembly on Tuesday re-invented the wheel of rendering sacrifices for democracy and tried to take lead over the other when they enumerated 'contributions of their respective parties and leaders, and initiated and concluded a debate which has no end. This all started when Oppositions Samina Khawar Hayat and Aamir Sultan Cheema asked the PML-N for forming government in the Centre. Their assertions were sans any context, but it added some spice to the otherwise comparatively dull Private Members Day proceedings. Certainly wise-in-his-own right Forward bloc member Waris Kaloo opined that the Muttahida Qaumi Movement and JUI-F chief Maulana Fazal-ur-Rehman were aiming at enhancing their 'worth and price. He advised the Opposition to table no confidence move against the PPP, if the latter had become minority. PPPs Syed Hassan Murtaza asserted that the PPP was never afraid of sitting on opposition benches, rather it liked doing so. We are on the bed of thorns just for the sake of democracy, he said. Grabbing an opportunity to repeat the mantra of praising the PPP and its leadership, Senior Minister Raja Riaz Ahmed went a step ahead by maintaining that his party was cooperating with the N-League in Punjab for strengthening democracy though ministerial portfolios were worth nothing to them. With the PPPs non-interfering attitude, the Punjab Chief Minister is having a free hand in running the province. Sacrifices of PPP workers and leaders are for CMs good governance, he said, while asserting that it was because of the PPP that 'some respectable personalities had returned home from exile. Do not teach the PPP how to deal with the issues. And if the time will come, the PPP will choose the opposition benches since the PPP is not greedy for power since we are for serving the masses, he added. Law Minister Rana Sanaullah responded the Senior Minister by saying that there was no second opinion about Benazir Bhutto being the most popular leader, and her death was mourned by all Pakistanis. But crediting her only for the restoration of democracy is unfair. PML-N Quaid Nawaz Sharif and his family equally made efforts for democracy during the military regime, he maintained. To rebut Raja Riaz further, Rana Sana, while 'avoiding any controversy and for correcting the record, reminded the PPP minister that during the Governors Rule in 2009, the latter had claimed to have support of over 200 MPAs. He further added that the PML-N leadership was not interested in forming the federal government despite having the opportunity, since it was decided in principle that political parties with majority votes would form the government. As per this formula, the PPP has the centre, PML-N has the Punjab, and the ANP is ruling in Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa. The PML-N is honouring the mandate and extending the cooperation as some principles, he said. Later, the House also adopted five resolutions out of which four were passed while the one was rejected with through the voice vote. The first resolution of Hassan Murtaza was about the provision about the provision of temporary bridge for the people of Jhang that were facing problems in view of non availability of the road links. The second resolution of Dr Faiza Asghar about provision of latest medical equipment along with qualified doctors and trained staff at the rural areas was also passed unanimously. The house also passed the resolution seeking recommendation to the federal government to fix the fare for Hajj and Umra. The fifth resolution moved by Aamir Sultan Cheema seeking recommendation to the federal government for taking steps to make Sargodha (Bhagtawala) airport function was also passed by the members with big majority.