ISLAMABAD - In a surprised move, the government removed Chairman NARC, Dr Zafar Altaf, on Tuesday. However, it did not give any reason of his removal and cancelled his job contract. Dr Zafar had developed the hybrid cottonseed, which was a major development in the agriculture research sector. However, it annoyed many stakeholders who had business and corruption concerns. Dr Mohammad Afzal, the Chief Scientist of PARC, has been appointed as Acting Chairman of NARC. According to reports, development of hybrid cottonseed by the NARC under the supervision of Dr Zafar Altaf gave birth to the conflict. The developed cottonseed can be cultivated in Potohar region and it doesnt need the pesticide spray. It is also pertinent to mention here that the Cotton Research Centre produced nothing significant despite spending millions of rupees. Pesticides mafia was also active to destroy this invention. The Ministry of Food and Agriculture seized the funds for the project after the seed was developed, as the authorities did not want to invest further on this very precious project. The sources privy to the situation told The Nation that Dr Zafar was pushing the Ministry to release funds for the project, as the development could save billions of dollars. The hybrid cottonseed developed by NARC has the ability of doubling production as compared to other seed presently being cultivated. This country has never achieved cotton production targets so the cotton was imported but the invention could not only save the money but also produce maximum bring the country in a position to export the cotton.