DESPERATE to find his missing cat Wookie, Mike Harding put up posters throughout the neighbourhood offering a reward for its safe return. And it was not long before he received a phone call. Not from someone who had found the pet, however, but from the council saying he was breaking the law. An official letter the following day accused him of causing 'urban decay with his 'fly-posting and ordered him to remove the signs immediately or face a 1,000 fine. He rushed around the streets in sub-zero temperatures to tear down the posters and finally finished at 3am on Christmas Eve six hours before the deadline he had been given. Mr Harding, 44, a driving instructor from Bedford, said the woman caller told him he should not have put up posters. 'But when I got home from work on December 23 at 8.30pm I found the letter warning I would be prosecuted if the posters werent removed by 9am on December 24 at the latest. I had to walk around town in the snow and ice when it was minus nine degrees. 'Im a law-abiding citizen yet Im being threatened with a 1,000 fine for looking for my cat. You would think the council would have some compassion. Telegraph